Chris Malburg, CEO of Writers Resource Group has published his latest book, Car Wars--a novel of industrial terrorism.  Find out more about this compelling book at

Book Description: 

With its $19 trillion GDP China is now the world’s largest economy.  But for a small group of brilliant but brutal Beijing econocrats, that is insufficient.  Total domination of the world’s industrial commerce is their objective.  The most heartless of the bunch, Yonggan Zhanshi, is operational point man.  As chairman of QX, China’s state-owned car manufacturer, he is precisely positioned to launch the conspiracy’s first strike.  Yonggan Zhanshi just got the green light.

      On the other side of the world, in Elkhart, Indiana, Jack Schilling works as an accountant at Tianming Automotive’s light truck assembly plant.  His cash account refuses to balance.  It is the first sign that something is deadly wrong.  Suddenly Tianming cars begin crashing for no apparent reason.  The death toll mounts.  Jack Schilling is a numbers guy.  He is trained to believe hard evidence.  But he never anticipated this would thrust him back into the fight on global terror.  Time to go tactical.  

      Here is a story of competitive malice like none ever told before.  Car Wars rockets from the treacherous, frozen landscapes of the Indiana winter to Beijing’s corridors of power and to the high tech wizardry of the White House Situation Room.  In Jack Schilling, Chris Malburg brings to life the smart, battle-hardened but reluctant warrior you want at your side when the shooting starts.  He perfectly crafts Tianming Automotive as a transparent but ungainly company that is ill-suited for corporate combat on a global scale.  Malburg’s Yonggan Zhanshi is your worst nightmare--ruthless and controlling the most devastating weapon of mass destruction so far unleashed. 

      Car Wars answers the question, what happens when one country with the means sets its sights on the total economic annihilation of another?  Car Wars is first an extraordinarily gripping story with an intensely satisfying end.  It is also an insightful look into how each of us--when facing unspeakable evil--can rise up to become something much more than we ever imagined.  Gentlemen, start your engines, and may God have mercy upon your souls.