Wryst’s latest luxury watch collection, Force, makes its debut announcing four different models - the SX210, the SX230, the SX270, and the SX300 - have been announced, and now all are ready and available for purchase. All Wryst Force watches have a limited-production run of 75 units, making them highly collectible. The new collection aims to promote a style that draws inspiration from the “forces” all around us.

The Force collection sports a 50-mm case width, up 5 mm from the 45-mm width of previous collections.The extreme-sports-inspired designs are bolder, stronger, and more masculine than previous offerings by Wryst. The collection focuses on the definition of force, which is a strength or energy that is an attribute of physical action. The new Force collection embraces the ideas of motion, nature, and gravity to create truly unique designs, color palettes, and styles.


Swiss luxury sports watch maker Wryst has announced the debut of its new Racer watch collection. This latest automatic watch was designed with racing and motorsports in mind. The collection combines reliable mechanics and dynamic style for a unique and striking watch, available in four colors – the plain brushed stainless steel SX1, the rose-gold-plated SX2, yellow-gold-plated SX3, and the red-and-black SX4. There are just 75 pieces produced of each Wryst Racer watch, so any lucky owners will be in possession of an incredibly masculine, mechanical timepiece that offers them unbeatable style. These highly collectible watches are inspired by luxury lifestyles and sports cars, making them perfect for anyone who loves the thrills of speed and the finer things in life.