WyzMindZ is pioneer in Managed Services solutions in India offering services in the field of Workforce management, Quality, Business Intelligence & Risk Analytics.

Our consulting experience provides practical, cost effective innovative change, insights and knowledge to help you organize and maintain an effective, optimal model for your business growth and flexibility.

WyzMindZ is the only company in India that promises its client to travel the whole journey of process re-engineering & business optimization. We partner with organizations to optimize business opportunities.

We do this through advanced analytics that turn data about customers, performance, financials and more into "Actionable Intelligence -- Now". This results in fact-based decisions for undeniable bottom line impact.

Why Are We different?

WyzMindZ manages "Non core but Business Essential" portfolios for its clients in all stages of optimization and development to ensure that they get the most out of our offerings. Our business model provides hands-on support for clients whenever they need it. What truly differentiates WyzMindZ is its "Actionable Intelligence -- Now". The domain expertise of WyzMindZ employees powered by proprietary tools allows the company to serve nearly all industries in multiple cutting-edge analytical capacities & providing WFM, Quality & Risk Analytics solutions across multiple verticals.Our service suite includes

PLANNING & OPTIMIZATION SUITE - Comprehensive service that includes Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Scheduling, Fulfillment, Vendor Management & Follow-up, Inventory Optimization Analytics

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & INFORMATION SYSTEM - Technology platform of Wyzion Pro is built to mine large data sets and can be easily customized for various scenarios.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT SERVICE - Service includes Third Party Quality Measurements, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Sales Effectiveness Surveys & Market Research.

RECRUITMENT PROCESS ANALYTICS (RPA) - A unique service which brings visibility, data capture and analytical capability to Recruitment Processes, directly impacting critical to business levers like Hiring Yield and Early Stage Attrition

RISK ASSESSMENT & ATTENUATION YANTRA - Independent third party evaluation of the Risks due to Operational Practices and Process Health on a weekly basis. A powerful tool in the hands of those committed to World Class Stewardship.

How We do it?

WyzMindZ Human Capital powered by Proprietary tool supporting WFM, Quality, Business Intelligence & Risk analytics operations gives customer, "Actionable Intelligence -- Now" & its Unique Operation Model, "We do it for you" helps organization implement proposed solutions. Our unique operating model allows customers to choose from two options, i.e. Managed services approach or Build-operate-upgrade-transfer approach.