X7 is a vibrant new company, making available its professional experience and tutoring standards of excellence to all in the community. From one to one coaching, drop in dance classes, student support or professional refresher lessons; whether it’s for fun, work-life balance or professional development X7 knows the value of The Performing Arts and its role in the wider community, bringing people together from all walks of life. X7 specialises in creating bespoke shows for corporate and cabaret events. Our dancers & choreographers have worked with the likes of Sean Paul, Beyonce, Lil Bow Wow and LL Cool J. X7 can play a major role in the community by bringing young people together giving them  a common goal, to be creative, but at the same time have fun. The X7 Academy prides itself on giving students premier quality tutoring. X7 teachers are highly trained & are established professionals. The emphasis of our classes is building communication skills & encouraging good work practises. X7eaven makes learning a vibrant & friendly experience.  X7 makes sure FUN is a large part of every lesson! X7 puts on a yearly production which is open to the public.