The XKL concept was conceived in 2001 about creating a true league for Mixed Martial Arts(MMA), where pound for pound fighters, in each weight class, around the world, could compete. These fighters would battle to prove that they are the best fighters in their weight class, and that all fighters would gather in different locations around the world to compete. After competing, fighters would prove their skills in Dubai for all title belt fights and prove to the world that they are the best fighters.

XKL has taken leaps and bounds, from the first events launching in Detroit, USA, spanning the oceans to the world's hottest market, Dubai U.A.E. . XKL Offices have planted their flags in Canada, Dubai, Malaysia, and soon the United States! With plans of aggressive expansion, their marketing and exposure is set for the World Stage. Audiences will be able to follow all play by play action online or televised to a potential 1billion viewers!

‘The Road to Dubai UAE’ will be the hottest ticket for all MMA enthusiasts! The qualifying round will be held in Detroit USA on August 15th and will then pave the way for the best of the best to make it to 'The Road to Dubai UAE'. These fighters will become a part of the Hottest New Reality Show, The Xtreme Fighter! Filmed on the beaches of Dubai UAE and trained by MMA's best competitors this show will set the stage for The Official Main Event to be held in Dubai UAE in February 2010! Where all weight classes will compete for The Title Belts.

The XKL has done its research and is prepared to take MMA action to heights that will be unmatched by it's competing leagues. MMA action brought to the world stage with the flair and flash of Dubai UAE will forever change how we look at MMA action. This sport is here to stay and XKL will take it to the next level.

Eric Rafiq (President/CEO) of the Xtreme Kombat League (XKL) has been following the trends of MMA since 2001 and has studied the market and has come to the conclusion that MMA is here to stay. “The market dictates the growth of this sport through out the world at an alarming rate and the economics of the economy plays a small role in the increasing interest of this sport. MMA is now considered the worlds fastest growing sport with audiences that exceed that of the NFL. Aside from the record magnitude of pay- per- view subscriptions and gate revenues, this sport finds increasing revenues from the sale of equipment, merchandise and clothing apparel through out the world and the increase of growth has generated billions of dollars to the economy. XKL has taken the whole process one step further by adding Boxing events, where the best of the best fighters can compete and be crowned champion of their weight class. Not to confuse the idea of mixing MMA and Boxing but to recognize the importance of the two sports. All events will have a separate venue for their sport around the world and a country will be picked each year to hold title fights for Boxing. Xtreme Kombat League has put together top people in the industry to make XKL successful in the world of MMA and Boxing, Dennis Sauve (Vice-President) who will be coordinating the operations and setting up of XKL gyms through out the world and the daily operations of the company. Elias Korah who is the Director of Marketing and has worked for large corporations around the globe. Shan Hasan, VP Marketing North America, has an extensive background in the field of marketing and entertainment, will be coordinating all media and marketing done in North America. Xtreme Kombat League has the top promoters to the best match makers on their team to make XKL a successful business venture.

This is the moment for all to become a part of Mix Martial Arts evolution, XKL is the Future. Be a part of it!

EVERYTHING BEGINS August 15TH at Eastern Michigan University Arena!! Tickets are on sale now! Go to www.XtremeKombatLeague.com to purchase your tickets.