XSMotion is an American company located in Austin, Texas, the Silicon Valley of the SouthWest. We are staffed entirely in Austin and do not offshore any aspect of our business. All of our systems are designed and built by hand in Austin. In addition, all service and support is performed locally at the XSMotion site.

If you find the need to contact us about one of our systems you will be connected with an XSMotion support technician in Austin. You will be communicating with the technicians who are actually building our systems.

We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality systems at a very affordable price when compared to our competitors. By researching and analyzing all leading components of well-known name brands, we are able to configure our systems with the highest performing and most reliable components. To further ensure that our customers receive the finest systems available, we only use NEW system components. XSMotion does not use “like-new” or reconditioned components that other system vendors use to maximize their profits.

XSMotion does not offer a wide variety of system options and add-ons that other vendors use to drive up their overall system prices. We manufacture high performing core systems, each designed to be expandable and upgradeable well into the future as technology and your specific needs change. Other system vendors supply these components as optional add-ons in order to increase their profits. We have chosen to keep our core system prices low by not selling these options, ultimately saving you money.

To ensure your system performs optimally, every system undergoes 3 to 5 days of burn-in and test before it ships. The system is shipped only after we are sure that it runs flawlessly, provides sufficient cooling, and performs to our high XSMotion standards. We are RELENTLESS about our goal to ship only the highest quality products.

Our systems are shipped in exceptional packaging. Each system is packaged using a box-in-a-box design to ensure that it is optimally protected during shipping. Each box is made of 275 pound double-walled cardboard. The computer system is packaged in an inner box which has a specially fitted foam header and footer for maximum cushioning. The inner box is then packaged in a larger box which contains eight 1.5" thick foam corners to help cushion the inner box. This packaging was custom designed to ensure that your system arrives in pristine condition.