We are your personal event planner, IT coordinator, event host, videographer, and production expert packaged into a completely stress-free experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this important day for your child.
Here are some frequently asked questions:
✚ How do you really create a flawless virtual event?
First, we take the time to clearly understand your vision and incorporate everything you are looking for into a virtual setting (I promise it can be done). We’ll then recommend an organic flow for the event and create a detailed run of show, ensuring everything is perfect that day.
A few days before, we’ll test everything during a full dress rehearsal (so you can finally relax).
✚ What do you provide on the day of my event?
We’ll provide, facilitate, and coordinate all of the technology using Zoom® or produce a professional live-stream to a private and custom branded micro site.
As your guests enter, they’ll be greeted by teaser photos or any custom logo that was already created.
Just like an in-person event, our professional event host will orchestrate and facilitate every aspect of the mitzvah from the religious service to any formalities you would like to include.
We’ll create and show a professionally produced custom video slideshow of the guest of honor including well-wish video messages from all of your family and friends.
You’ll receive a gallery view group photo and a recorded video of the entire event as a keepsake.
✚ What other creative services do you offer?
There’s no limit to our creativity! Here’s some creative entertainment options that can easily be incorporated into your virtual event:

custom interactive trivia game show all about the guest of honor
mini dance party with a live DJ
virtual photo booth
hosted games (scavenger hunt or bingo)
live musicians
mind-blowing mentalist
hilarious comedian
custom favors shipped direct to your guests’ home