Cupertino, California. – December 24, 2018 - XVIDIA Corporation, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology, today announced a new release of facial recognition based smart attendance system Faceorbit.“

The functionality of our Faceorbit continues to advance at a rapid pace,” says Ravi Kumar, Director of XVIDIA Products. “With this latest version of Faceorbit Smart Attendance System, we are constantly improving the performance, while at the same time incorporating many new features requested by our fast-growing customer base.”

The new version of Faceorbit Attendance System introduces optimized algorithms for low visibility recognition, using any IP camera, mobile phones or tablet. It also reconstructs from partial images. These optimizations provide greater robustness and over 10 times speed improvement.

Also introduced with this release is a new PC-based application for displaying images and results from multiple cameras or mobile phones on the same screen. Companies using this application can monitor personnel attendance with an ability to let employees define their status over geographical distances.

In addition to these core optimizations, Faceorbit Attendance System includes improvements to the user interface. The built-in script tool has been enhanced with new functions and a geo location. These and other improvements introduced in Faceorbit Smart Attendance System will extend its usage from small to big corporations over several geographies.

Available for any kind of IP cameras and mobile phones or tablets with a range of resolution and speed models, these cameras can be quickly integrated into the factory enterprise and offer various methods for interfacing on the factory floor.

Faceorbit Smart Attendance will commence service globally from January 2nd, 2019. Upgrades are available through the Faceorbit website for older versions.

For more information on Faceorbit Smart Attendance System, please visit our End User Solutions website at www.faceorbit.com. For downloadable images of Faceorbit media package please visit www.faceorbit.com/

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