My business is a very small mobile application development company.

I have a single iOS universal application, XWind HD.

The application is:

Crosswind relationship / situational awareness tool for pilots and passengers, with automatic calculation of the wind speed and direction.

Provides inflight relationships between:
•     Aircraft heading
•     Ground Track
•     Runway
•     Wind direction

Selection of departure and destination airports and runways.

Display of expanded Airport and Runway information.

Display of data using different units of measurement:
•     Aviation:     feet – altitude, Knots/hour – speed.
•     English:     feet – altitude, Miles/hour – speed.
•     Metric:     meters – altitude, meters/second – speed.

User is able to select from up to four different pieces of data for viewing on each flight phase screen
•     Wind Direction
•     Wind Speed
•     Magnetic Heading
•     True Heading
•     Crab Angle
•     Ground Speed
•     Indicated Airspeed (user defined)
•     True Airspeed (estimated)
•     Magnetic Variation
•     Ground Track
•     Altitude

User defined reference through selection of magnetic or true orientations.

User selection of device up value:
•     North
•     Track
•     Heading
•     Wind Direction
•     Runway (takeoff and landing only)

For quick support assistance or enhancement requests contact us at XWindHD.Feedback@live.com