Xana Publishing and Marketing provides opportunities for authors to optimise their chances of publishing their ebooks successfully for the Amazon Kindle.
We help authors to maximise their ebook sales through their own Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Account, cutting out the need for a middle person. We enable authors to keep all royalties and take charge of their own KDP accounts.
1. ‘Done For You’ Services
We work with authors through the full publishing and marketing cycle or at any point in the production and promotional schedule.
We offer the following menu of services for authors. You may wish to hire us for some or all of these tasks for publishing on the Kindle platform:
•     Setting up your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account
•     Formatting your ebook
•     Conducting Google keyword research, Amazon Kindle keyword research and Amazon listing optimisation
•     Publishing your ebook to Kindle from your KDP account
•     Setting up your Amazon Author Central account and showing you how best to use it
•     Enrolling and launching your ebook at Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program
•     Managing your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account
2. Print On Demand Publishing (CreateSpace)
CreateSpace is an Amazon subsidiary service that produces, markets and distributes a paperback edition of your ebook globally through internet retail outlets (including other bookstores), authors’ websites, libraries, and academic institutions.We offer the following menu of services for authors who wish to produce a paperback edition of their ebook. You may wish to hire us for some or all of these tasks for managing your print on demand needs:
•     Setting up your CreateSpace Publisher account
•     Formatting your book as a paperback for publishing at CreateSpace
•     Publishing your book to CreateSpace in paperback format and linking print edition to your ebook on Amazon Kindle
•     Managing your CreateSpace account
3.     Consulting, Coaching and Training Workshops:
You may wish to learn how to set up and manage your own digital publishing account.
We offer the following menu of services for authors. You may wish to hire us for some or all of these tasks for managing your bespoke, hands-on training and consultancy needs
•     Self publishing
•     Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
•     CreateSpace Publishing
•     Smashwords Publishing
If you need help and guidance in other areas of digital publishing, please contact us with your training needs and we will tailor a package just for you that teaches you what you need to know at a price you can afford.
Online Training Course: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Coaching Course 3.0
In addition to delivering training packages in person we also provide an online training course of step-by-step guidance and advice on how to publish ebooks for Kindle ereaders: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Coaching Course 3.0.
This training package comprises 8 live webinar modules (each 90 minutes long) that are available to view in our online membership microsite at your convenience.
The 12-hour course covers these topics and more:
•     How to turn your passion and ideas into an ebook 

•     How to self publish your ebook on Amazon 

•     How to sell as many ebooks as possible 

•     How to become an Amazon bestselling author 

•     How to build your author’s brand and promote your ebooks 

•     How to earn passive income online from Amazon Kindle Publishing 

4.     Keynote Speaking
If you or someone in your organisation or network is looking for an experienced, professional expert to talk on the subject of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Lama Jabr is available for keynote speaking opportunities. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
5.     Meetup Group: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Sydney, Australia)
Xana Publishing and Marketing’s Lama Jabr runs a Meetup Group for authors and publishers (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and ebook Marketing for Sydney Authors and Publishers) based in the Sydney area who are interested in self publishing their books on Amazon using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and other publishing platforms.
If you are a new author, an author published by a traditional publishing house looking to self publish, a self-published author wanting to publish your book online or a publisher, this Meetup Group is for you.
Our Meetups and workshops take several forms. We cover the steps needed to create and publish your books at Amazon and we provide networking opportunities to sharing our collective knowledge and expertise.
Xana Publishing and Marketing has a proven track record of making authors’ ebooks into number one bestsellers at Amazon. Our Meetups provide an environment in which you can learn to make your ebook a bestseller, too.
Please check the Meetup page for the schedule of forthcoming events.
Find out what Xana Publishing and Marketing can do for you and your ebook’s success by getting in touch with us today.