The corporate philosophy of Xscape Theatres has been simple and effective – build a quality, cost efficient movie theatre in underserved markets and the audience will come. As one of the fastest growing and most successful movie chains in the country, Xscape Theatres markets with populations from 100,000 to 400,000.

“The very first theatre we opened was in Bedford, IN (population of 13,768),” said Anne Ragains, Founder of Aliance Management Company. “The market was very underserved and the community and people responded enthusiastically. Critics had warned me that people in a smaller, rural community wouldn’t appreciate a top notch movie theatre and I was happy to prove them wrong. In fact, we’ve had tremendous success by serving those communities that the larger chains overlook. We are proud of the fact that our movie theatres become a point of destination that spurs economic growth and development. I firmly believe that everyone deserves the best movie going experience possible and we try our best to exceed patron expectations.”

Corporate Mission Statement: Xscape Theatres is committed to constructing, designing and operating the most efficient and attractive theatre facilities that cater to the movie theatre patron and provide a superior movie going experience."

The goal of Xscape Theatres is to become a market leader in the industry.