The American system is broken: our great nation has become corrupt, inefficient, and mired in ideological debate. The United States may be a global superpower, but every day we fail our own citizens. Our children don’t learn what they need to in order to compete in the job market; our adults battle mental illness and addiction, and are imprisoned at staggering rates; and our elderly struggle for financial security and affordable healthcare.

We are more often at war with other nations than not. We work harder and harder but seem to get less and less in return. Meanwhile, politicians, the media, and the super-rich hold our tremendous potential hostage by taking advantage of our democratic system, divisive politics, and unwillingness to compromise.

Now more than ever, the country desperately needs a new vision to restore it to its former glory and launch it into the next century. Entrepreneur Matt Tabrizi shares such a vision in Yield for Oncoming Greatness, a book that analyzes America’s problems and offers a stimulating plan for solving them. Audaciously straightforward and refreshingly pragmatic, this book takes a problem-solving approach to a myriad of issues troubling our nation and lifts the curtain of power to expose those abusing the mechanisms of government and the very system of capitalism for their own gain.  

Based on the belief that economic success must be achieved along with social justice, Tabrizi’s book  lays out ways to bring real change to America and improve our lives and our children’s, addressing topics such as illicit drugs, social security, cancer, education, healthcare, elections, and the economy. Only someone with the author’s experience—as a businessman, an expert in operations, and an immigrant who found success, and a home, in America—could have written this clear-eyed, common-sense, and hopeful prescription for the truly great nation we can still become.