Rapper YGODOWN talks about a new upcoming album that he and his team (18KMusic) are currently working on. He has made some previews on his Instagram stories, and he is promising to bring something new and very innovative to Trap/Hip Hop music. The album is about to be realesed between December/January.

"To all my fans, this is YGODOWN. There are some things that I want to tell about my our album right now. First off, I want to thank our fans that support us! You guys make us happy everyday when you send us messages saying good or complain about it, etc. We have been working a lot and I think we are gonna finish the album by December or January. We will drop this album with lots of cool music and surprises. I am also working on a couple of other things with my team. We are going to release some music before the album. We have a couple of songs out, and we are going to drop some more next month and a single off the album."

18KMusic has recently announced that they're working on a music video and an album. YGODOWN also says that he's gonna drop more music before the album.

Make sure to stay tune for more news about it on instagram.