In the past half decade, the company has developed application and software for various companies in USA and other countries.

The company with its vast experience has developed a revolutionary mobile application - YLogApp. The application is a breakthrough in the real time location information and exceptional support and alert system; providing information on the utilization of resources in the organization. Some of the application features are:
•     Real time vehicle location
•     Enhanced Safety and Security measure - User, device & vehicle authorization
•     Real time security alerts and exceptional notifications
•     Dispatch management with Point of Interest
•     Frequency based dispatches management
•     Route mapping and Geo Fences mapping
•     IFTA logs (Inter-state traveling log)
•     Fleet management
•     Web Portal access (24x7)
•     No capital investment
•     Minimal Set Up time - Do it Yourself

•     User friendly dash board and application
•     Real time location of all vehicles
•     Interactive graphs and Maps
•     Easy Route Mapping and Point of Interest
•     Better Utilization of Resources
•     Better planning and scheduling of dispatches
•     Reduced operational and maintenance cost
•     Various Routine and Exceptional report generation
•     Dynamic management tool for better decision making
•     Customer Satisfaction
YLogApp, uses the Android 2.3 above and iOS (iPhone and iPad) platform. It has helped organizations to remove the additional expense of GPS tracking units / devices.
The application is available in three versions:
     YLog365 / Tracker ,
     Professional and
     Enterprise
It has a wide array of facilities for various sectors and industries. The target market or audience for this application is:
1.     Commercial Transportation companies
2.     Service companies like - Courier, delivery van, Pizza Hut delivery, etc.
3.     Schools / Colleges - School Transportation system
4.     Hospitals - Ambulance and Outdoor medical camp
5.     Government sector: Police department, Ambulance services, Forest Service for tracking Forest officers in remote locations, Electricity Board service person tracking, etc.
6.     Pharmaceutical companies for tracking Medical Representatives and generating compliance reports.
7.     Lonely Senior Citizens- Monitoring senior citizens movement and location settings, panic button access for immediate support from relative, Ambulance and / or police.

The application can be used in all environments, which requires effective monitoring and know - how on the utilization of resources. I am attaching herewith the presentation for your reference. You can access more information on www.ylogapp.com

We will be happy to assist you for any further details.

Thank you once again for your time.

Warm regards
Jayant Arrawatia
Director Sales & Marketing
Yusata Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur, India
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