Here at yourtrustedtradesmen we are putting together a comprehensive Trades &services directory for the UK. We have already listed thousands of Trades & service providers, But please this is a just a guide to the Tradesmen & service providers in your respective areas and is not a recommendation for any business listed.
As with finding anyone to carry out works for you, should follow some basic rules.
Word of mouth is the best advertising any tradesman can have. Ask around among family, friends, and work colleagues for the name of someone they have used in the past, or they know to be a good honest worker.
If you are using a tradesman whom you don't know by reputation, don't be afraid to ask for contact details for his last customers for whom he has done similar work. Contact them, and have a chat about how well the job was done, the price quoted, and the time taken.
Once you have selected the tradesman to do the job, you need to ensure that everyone knows what the job involves, and what it will cost. Follow this check plan to make sure you don't run into trouble.A lot of 'rip off' situations can be easily avoided by making sure everyone knows what is expected in advance. If you stick to the rules, you will have a good job done, and be confident you can invite your tradesman to quote for future work, and recommend him to friends and family.
If you wish to leave feedback about the contactor after the completion of any works please do so.It will allow us to use the information given by you to make this site more effective for the user.
If you wish to email us with any comments, suggestions or ideas about this site this is warmly welcomed!