Our story started somewhere in the early nineties of the previous century. Back then we were selling beverages to convenience stores and coffee shops. We have done so for about 14 year. One day, the sales manager from Keurig stepped into our office and introduced to us this new product called K-Cup pods. At first we were a little suspicious that it would take off and sell, but we took it on and started selling it on our websites. The sales of the Keurig brewing machines and the K-Cup pods were growing tremendously fast. At one point around 2008 we decided to sell the beverage distribution company and focus only on K-Cup sales.

For the last 14 years we have been selling K-Cup pods on multiple platforms like Amazon, BigAppleGorcer.net, ParkandWillow.com KCupsforsale.com and social media marketplaces too. We honestly can say that we are experts in customer service and order fulfillment. After so many years of selling to the public, we have become masters in the field.

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