While browsing on the internet sometime this week you might have come across the name “Yadig” or quickly seen the website www.yadig.com. What exactly it? Are you curious to know more about Yadig.

Yadig.com is a review based, crowd created, and networking website. Yadig helps stimulate, sustain and renew long lasting business-consumer relationships through customer generated reviews. Venue owners can now get instantaneous feedback on their services, products, prices and general atmosphere from outspoken Yaddigers, just like you, with honest, unbiased opinions and first-hand experience. The benefit this has does not only reflect on the smarter decisions you’ll be able to make about the places you go to, but it also helps you design and individualize your lifestyle to suit and embrace your unique personality. Yadig.com is the essential guide to better weekends, coffee and lunch breaks, vacations, chillout spots and outings as a whole. Not only that, but Yadig enhances networking within your circles and other outside circles, learning more about what people in your city are doing which you are not!.

So dig more; dig deeper and you might find that small café around the corner that’ll become your permanent chill out spot for you and your friends – or that one place that serves the best chocolate in your city. Imagine the possibilities! The cool thing is that the more places you review, the more your belt color changes. The more THAT happens, the more eligible YOU are for promotions, special offers, discounts and much more that the places you follow -or that randomly select you- might offer!