Ali Mackay launches YappYapp Ltd

YappYapp Ltd launches to provide professional negotiation service to all property buyers.

Ali Mackay today announced the launch of YappYapp Ltd, a buyer’s agent service that looks to shake up the way the property market works by enabling buyers to purchase properties at the best price possible.

“For too long, the property market has worked with a discrepancy at its heart,” says Ali Mackay, who has over 30 years of experience as both a buyer and a seller. “Estate agents set the price of properties and then work on behalf of sellers to obtain the best price for them; most buyers simply do not have the experience, skills or confidence to negotiate the fairest price against the perceived specialists. It’s time that changed so that buyers have a professional expert working on their behalf.”

With the property market undergoing a very turbulent period, the arrival of YappYapp’s service is certainly well timed. Over the course of a few months, house prices have been reported to both be rising as well as falling, and buyers need an agent who is in touch with the current market and its trends. That knowledge, in combination with years of experience and insightful local research, will form the backbone of the tools YappYapp will use to negotiate the fairest prices possible for their clients. YappYapp is an acronym for ‘Your Assistant for Property Purchasing’, but in Ali’s words, “It was so good we named it twice.”

Whilst buyer’s agents have been around for a long period of time, they have traditionally been reserved only for the very wealthy or well connected. Says Ali Mackay, “I want to unlock the privileges that only the most prosperous and affluent enjoy, and make them accessible to everyone. Each one of our clients is treated to a tailored, bespoke service without it coming at an exclusive price. I believe someday all property will be bought the YappYapp way.”

YappYapp offers both a Classic and a Prestige service, with major differences concerned with the length of service and the initial sourcing of the properties to be purchased. For busy individuals, professional clients or commercial enterprises, the Prestige service will see YappYapp short-listing potential properties for their clients, assisting in the viewing process and reaching a final competitive price. The Classic YappYapp service is designed to work with more traditional methods of homebuying, where individuals find the property themselves and YappYapp is then brought in to complete the property purchase negotiation.

For more information, contact 0845 257 9277 or see www.yappyappltd.com. Ali Mackay can be reached for further comments on 07889 704560.