Yard Feeder lets you fertilizer lawn and landscape through your drip or sprinkler irrigation system.
 * EASY. When the irrigation system turns on, Yard Feeder goes to work.
 * EFFECTIVE. Irrigation water carries fertilizer directly into the root zone where needed.
 * EFFICIENT. No granules left sitting on the surface to wash away or to track in, staining walks and floor surfaces.

Injecting fertilizer into irrigation water -- "fertigation" -- has long been used by farms and nurseries to apply plant nutrients exactly where needed. Yard Feeder is a solid, affordable and highly effective way to bring the benefits of fertigation to residential and commercial landscapes, lawns, shrubs, trees, and gardens.

Yard Feeder can be added to virtually any irrigation system and requires no electrical connections. It has no pumps, gears, levers or adjustments, so it's largely a 'set it and forget it' way to take care of a yard. A two year limited warranty backs it up, and it is one of the most robust yet affordable systems on the market.

For more information, go to www.YardFeeder.com, write us with specific questions at info@YardFeeder.com, or call us at 702-283-6051.