Although founded recently, YellowBird owners Kyle & Pat have been buying properties in Northeast Florida for over 15 years, operating the largest privately-owned home buying company is Northeast Florida. YellowBird purchases on average 30 homes per month, buying from sources including foreclosure auctions, tax deed auctions, MLS, agent & home owner referrals, HUD, bank REO’s & outbound marketing. Their no-nonsense approach and true transparency allows them to be much more direct with their clients, both home sellers and investors.

Our mission is to create a painless home-selling experience for our sellers while keeping that small business feel; focusing on our reputation of kindness and understanding over the bottom dollar. Our new construction houses and renovations will revitalize neighborhoods attracting more businesses, improving the local economy, and increasing the standards of living in Jacksonville. As the real estate market evolves and as customers demand a higher level of transparency, YellowBird is expected to lead in the market disruption.