Yes Nonsense, a new division of Electric Picture Company, an Minnesota-based video production company established in 1989, has a single-minded mission: help companies embrace and deploy compelling rich media/video as a strategic social media marketing tactic.

With a unique flair for provoking indelible, positive branding outcomes, social media marketing does require a more organic approach to include, engage and entertain. That means slipping the clutch a bit and allowing your products or services to flash a bit of nonsense. Yes, nonsense (get it?).

Nonsense might make some people squirm but, no worries, as it's all relative. We work with clients to find their particular level of nonsense/engagement and then feed their social media pipeline with optimized video content in a creative, strategic and integrated process. We're quite nimble and can easily scale up to the biggest concept.

Those brand outcomes? Well they are downright serious: greater exposure, improved search rankings, increased buzz/traffic, deeper customer insights, enhanced customer relations, stronger brand advocates, more quality leads and, ultimately, more sales.

Strategic, compelling social media video is our mission and we do it well.

For more info email: tom@yesnonsense.com