I am the youngest economist at My Yield Curve.

Since spring of 1994 I have been working on economic depressions.

I am writing The Tract The Religious Interpretation of Employment, Interest, and Money..

It explains the nature and causes of economic depressions.

After a period of Irrational Exhuberance, which has inflated the Mother of All Asset Price Bubbles, we will have a Keynes' Liquidity Trap, The Crash and The Deep Depression.

The Crash will take place on Wednesday, 17nth September, 2009 10:00 PM EDT.

There is plausible alternative to The Deep Depression, The Adjusted Credit Free, Free Market Economy.

I designed a system, F**k the F*d, by which our economy can gather momentum for a successful and quick implementation after The Crash.

I have an MBA from Boston University ,USA, an Engineering Diploma from Ecole Centrale de Lyon France, a degree in Computer Engineer from Sivan Marchevim, Israel.

I have worked as a bond trader in Paris, France and as a NIP (Local) on the Paris MATIF.