YogaMate is an online platform sharing evidence-informed resources and tools for Yoga professionals and the public, championing the therapeutic application of Yoga.

Developed to help expand understanding around the depth, breath and therapeutic application of Yoga; YogaMate provides the public with evidence-informed articles, case studies and research from the world’s leading Yoga teachers & therapists alongside a directory of qualified Yoga teachers, businesses and charities specializing in the therapeutic application of Yoga.

Teachers & therapists utilize YogaMate's professional sequence (plan) creation & marketing tools to share knowledge, empower students & clients, build trust & strengthen connections with their community.  

Developed by a Yoga Professional, under the guidance of an international panel of Yoga Therapists and in collaboration with the IAYT, YogaMate provides Class/Sequence Planning, Marketing & Evidence-informed tools & resources that help Yoga Specialists better differentiate themselves and connect with & inspire their clients & community.

15% of profits are returned to international Yogic charities focused on Yoga education and research.

YogaMate has 4 core objectives:

>  Enhance the understanding and relevance of yoga, and yoga as part of an integrative approach to medicine
>  Create better connections between Yoga Professionals, their students, and the broader public / health community
>  Provide tools and resources to assist Yoga Professional manage & grow their business
>  Assist and lift the profile and credibility of yoga, yoga industry associations and their registered teachers

Ultimately, YogaMate aspires to lift Yoga’s credibility, particularly in regards to its role within integrative medicine, so that governments begin to take notice and Yogic tools, particularly breathwork and meditation, are considered an imperative part of the curriculum for primary and secondary education.