Local yoga classes with Tricia are available at several locations, in different intensities. They are listed by location.

Lifetime Fitness in Commerce. Hatha Yoga Wednesday 11 a.m. Vinyasa Yoga Friday 11 a.m. and every other Saturday Vinyasa at 12:15 p.m. and Yin at 1:30 p.m.

Miss Harriet's Dance Studio in Northville. Gentle flow yoga: Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 a.m. The only donation yoga classes in the greater Northville area. Donation yoga places the practice before the payment, a donation from the heart is accepted to help support the studio.

Boot Camp begins on September 20, 2010
Find a “better version of you” with the help of a Professional Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher who changed her life, health and wellness on her own. Jump start your fitness plans with a complete immersion using the techniques that helped Trish find RESULTS when all else failed.

Sessions meet for FOUR weeks, five times a week. This schedule adds flexibility that most other programs can’t provide! As long as you can commit to any four of the five days, you are on your way!

Learn how to use your own body weight to build strength and flexibility.

Weekdays September 20 to October 15, 2010

8:45 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

Miss Harriet’s Dance Studio Downtown Northville

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Power days.

Tuesday and Thursday are restorative and stretching days.

$250.00 for 20 sessions, that is $12.50 per class.

Click on the contact me tab on the left side of the screen to send me an email to begin the sign up process.

YogaTrish Boot Camp is a safe and compassionate setting to unravel your health and fitness issues and put your body and mind in order.

Pre-program and post-program pictures, measurements and body fat analysis.

Individualized counseling session to discover triggers and strategies to cope and heal.

Meal plan ideas and recipes provided.

Online support on our very own Blog, to track progress and provide support all along the way!

     Unlike other generic yoga classes and boot camps, you will be supported as much as you are challenged. Your growth begins with your choice to improve your health, get the help you need to make the change.

Nankin Mills, Wayne County Employee Wellness Program (must be employed with the county). Gently flow yoga, with special emphasis on stress reduction through breath and visualization. Tuesday and Thursday 4:45.

CES Specialized Yoga for hockey players in Brighton at KVIH.

Your chosen location: Athletes Peak Performance Conditioning An integrated yoga based training system to supplement weight training for athletes and teams. Custom designed to address areas of need, based on sport specific bodily conditions (tightness, imbalance and core strength deficiencies). Works with current training objectives to improve overall strength, speed and agility.

Private yoga and meditation sessions are available for those who wish to practice with individualized attention. We will discuss your goals and develop a plan to address areas of need. Sessions are available in 60 or 75 minutes increments.

Corporate group yoga and meditation sessions are available for companies that are looking to support their employees health and wellness. Team building at it's finest. Classes are tailored to those in attendance. Sessions are available in 60 or 75 minutes increments.

"Yoga Party!" Share the love of yoga by celebrating with a uniquely communal experience. Parties are planned around building new and strong connections between friends and learning how to have fun in a new and enlightening way. Explore playfulness, improve awareness of health and develop a sense of gratitude that will leave your guests exhilarated.

Let me entertain and inspire your guests for "in-school" field trips, bachelorette parties, end of season team parties, ladies spa night, conferences, girls night in, showers, reunions, sleepovers, birthdays, graduations, boy or girl scouts meetings, and social club meetings. I will work closely with you to specifically tailored the class to the type of event and to those in attendance.

Professional Counseling sessions available on a sliding fee scale basis. Yoga uncovers and reveals deeply suppressed feelings and can assist with healing issues relating to self-esteem and self-confidence. Yoga is being researched in relation to treating depression. Counseling can help bridge the gap between yoga practices and offer support and guidance in a loving and nurturing environment. Build on the foundation of becoming and being the best you! Free to live in love and happiness.

Contact me for more information on local yoga classes and specialized yoga or counseling sessions.