My name is Lance Puig and I am a third generation real estate investor. I come from a long line of investors and developers. My family has been investing in real estate consistently for three generations and developed various classes of property including: ranches (23,000 acre ranch sold in 1896), medical offices, shopping centers, multi-family properties, condos, raw land, single family homes, and even an airport.

My grandfather, A.J. Puig, was the largest developer of single-family homes in San Antonio, Texas. He built thousands of homes for the veterans returning from World War II. Grandpa and Grandma worked side by side in the family business. She was the interior decorator and made many of the cosmetic decisions including architectural floor plans. They were constant innovators. They were the first developers to add brick skirting to frame houses and use stone veneer on a mass scale.

My father, A.W. Puig, grew up working in the family business. While most kids walked home from school, Dad would walk to Grandpa's office for several hours of work, going over ledgers, reviewing architectural plans, discussing the latest site acquisition... etc.

Dad went to medical school, became a radiologist, and then found a real estate niche in medical office buildings. He purchased office buildings on hospital campuses around the country and with his experience as a doctor was able to create solid "re-performance."

I also grew up in real estate. I remember as a five-year-old inspecting building sites with my Grandfather. The smell of hot roofing tar still reminds me of him.

York Street Properties was created to give the "non-real estate" person a chance to benefit from the passive monthly cash flow generated from rental portfolios.

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If you have good credit, York can turn it into passive monthly cash flow averaging $2,000 monthly with NO cash invested ... only your good credit and the cash flow from the real estate . York has developed a system of building custom portfolios for the small investor with none of the traditional hassles and dangers often experienced by real estate investors.