YouScript is the leader in precision medication management and clinical decision support analytics evaluating potential drug-drug and gene-drug interactions. Backed by a powerful combination of innovative analytics software and expert staff, YouScript has a longstanding commitment to the prevention of dangerous and life-threatening adverse drug events (ADEs).

Shown in clinical studies to prevent 1 ED visit for every 9 patients and 1 hospitalization for every 16, YouScript analytics and clinical decision support brings precision medicine to the point of care. Evidence-based, our easily integrated tools predict and prevent adverse drug events and treatment failures at the patient and population level.

At YouScript, our mission is to save lives, improve patient care and reduce costs by eliminating avoidable adverse drug events. Based on over 14,000 curated references, our patented medication management system is the only commercially available tool to assess the cumulative effect of a patient’s genetics and entire drug regimen.  Our tools are used by value-based healthcare organizations, providers, and payers interested in bending the healthcare cost curve with the power of precision medicine.

Since 2014, YouScript researched and developed unique technologies to provide a real-world solution to the ADE crisis. Our Precision Prescribing System combines pharmacogenetic testing with the most comprehensive medication management system available.

 -YouScript identifies at-risk individuals within patient populations, helps medical professionals interpret pharmacogenetic testing results, and provides expert support for medication management.
 -YouScript is the first analytics software tool available to prescribers that predicts potential drug-drug and drug-gene, and cumulative drug interactions based on both cytochrome P450 metabolism and genetic testing.
 -Our software is available in all major electronic health records and is available through turn-key and custom integrations.

At YouScript, our goal is to improve quality of life and save healthcare resources by providing the tools essential for precision prescribing, whenever medication decisions are made.