Dr. Rebecca Scott Young, PHR, CFP is a renowned speaker, best-selling author and founder of Young Eye Consulting, LLC. Dr. Young has 15 years of experience in consulting, with nine years of experience as the chief executive officer of Young Eye Consulting, LLC. There, she expertly offers her skills in the areas of keynote speaking; life skills workshops & customized development training; and financial & HR management. A professional with a mastery of different skill sets, her most sought after services include grant writing and monitoring, one-on-one coaching, job placement assistance, organizational audits and assessments, budget planning and training, and more.

Dr. Young was featured on Lifetime’s Balancing Act, Fitness Magazine, Rialto Record, The Press Enterprise, and has received other local merits. She is a recently proclaimed Who’s Who Top Worldwide Executive & Entrepreneur Award recipient.  Dr. Young’s management consulting and coaching firm, is not only focused on helping clients with their financial service needs, but “help our clients to achieve their personal/ business goals and enhance their overall performance.” More information can be obtained from www.YoungEyeConsulting.com.

Today’s economic trends have changed, forcing many companies and individuals to downsize or reorganize their assets in order to meet their bottom line goals. Dr. Young’s firm can offer extensive and personal advice to help prevent issues before they start. My experience and expertise can help ensure safe navigation of YOU or your organization's future!

Here are some of our most sought services and needs:

•     Keynote Speaker
•     Grant Writing / Monitoring
•     One-on-one Coaching
•     Tax Preparation / Notary
•     Human Resource Needs
•     Resume Writing & Job Skills
•     Job Placement Assistance
•     Customized Training Program
•     Organizational Audits & Assessments
•     Professional Development
•     Monthly Utility Bill Reduction
•     Budget Planning & Trainer
•     Certified in Human Resources
•     Certified Financial Planner
•     Professional Internal Auditor

You will find Dr. Young to be well-spoken, energetic, confident, and personable; she is the person you and your organization will rely on. The best part is that she is extremely versatile in her experience & education …. “Whatever the need, I GOT IT! Whatever the project is… I GOT IT!” You know the next line… Yes, Dr. Young says, “I GOT IT!!”  

Don’t wait call today! Because as long as it’s legal, Dr. Young knows how to make it better…some way. (951) 231-1604.

For more information about Young Eye Consulting, LLC, visit http://www.youngeyeconsulting.com. To obtain your own, signed copies of Rich Tips For A Lifetime directly from the author, visit www.RebeccaScottYoung.com.