PML manufactures and sells differential covers, transmission pans, and valve covers for Cadillac®, Chevrolet®, Corvette®, Dodge®, Ford®, GMC®,Hummer®, Jeep®, and Nissan® cars, trucks, and vans. Our website is www.YourCovers.com.

PML transmission pans and differential covers provide many benefits for off-road, towing, and other demanding applications. The covers and pans feature sand-cast aluminum construction and machined gasket flanges. The result is a finished part that actually increases the torsional strength of the transmission case or differential housing and a gasket surface that remains flat far better than stock parts. Magnetic drain plugs make oil changes easy. On deep or extra-capacity covers and pans, extra oil provides cooling for the transmission and differential under stressful conditions. Heat build-up causes oil to lose its lubricating properties which leads to increased wear on the clutches, bands, and seals. The end result is costly premature rebuilds and lost time. Our covers and pans feature raised cooling fins in addition to the increased fluid capacity to reduce oil temperatures. Customers have reported temperatures 20 to 30 degrees cooler.

PML valve covers feature stiff aluminum construction with thick walls and a machined gasket flanges to provide a uniform clamping force on the gasket, ensuring a secure seal far superior to thin stamped steel valve covers that are stock on most vehicles. PML offers many styles and finishes for a custom look under the hood.

PML designs transmission pans, valve covers, and differential covers using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology. PML designs and manufactures all products in the US.

PML began as an engineering service company specialized in dimensional inspection and rapid prototyping. As automotive enthusiasts, the transition to aftermarket manufacturer has been a labor of love. PML has been in business for more than 15 years and began manufacturing and selling automotive products with its website, www.YourCovers.com, in 2001.