Your Media Connections is a fully integrated web design and online marketing firm that will provide your business with a powerful and proven online marketing presence. We will  assist you in creating your online presence to capture your audience, and convert customers into cash! You must find a way to brand yourself and your company. YMC can help.

Your Media Connections and YMCwebdesign will help you to identify your target audience, what you want to tell them, and then create a "call to action" urging potential customers to either pick up the phone or place an online order. We can also renovate your web site, update your existing content, and quickly upgrade your online store.

YMCwebdesign will follow your instructions and design a business web site that meets your needs, by analyzing your goals, defining your target audience, utilizing design critiques, and developing your content inventory. Content is King! and keeping it fresh and relevant is crucial to your placement in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Social Media and Press Releases are also an extremely useful tool for any business that hope to expand their online presence. YMC can be invaluable in these areas as well. Setting up your Facebook and Twitter accounts is only the beginning. We can advise you as to how to maintain them, or we maintain them for you. In addition to these platforms, we can also assist you in the writing, submission and distribution of press releases online. These items are picked up by the online news search engines and give your company another avenue to get your brand out there and gain exposure.