Lillian McMorris - Your RESOURCE... Making a Difference from beginning to end…

Lillian McMorris is the former KVVU TV FOX5 Public Affairs Director and Producer/Host of A. M. Southern Nevada, the longest running Public Affairs Television Show in the State of Nevada. Additionally, she reported the news on Community Events for FOX5 News. For ten years she worked within the community as KVVU TV FOX5’s ambassador building the FOX5 franchise of being the station for ‘Community Service’. Lillian is considered a “Social Architect”, bringing people, needs, solutions and information together as one; as well as distributing information through her company Your RESOURCE.  McMorris is an advocate and representative for the disadvantaged, education and social justice; a representative of organizations and business clients.
She brings over two decades of solid one-on-one experience in Television, Radio, Social Media and Public Relations.  Lillian McMorris is an advocate for non-profit organizations, small businesses, women, youth, people living with HIV/AIDS, the disadvantaged and businesses challenged with media and public relations representative.

McMorris is known throughout for her light contemporary style of speaking and the ability to network and communicate wherever she goes. She volunteers numerous hours of her personal time in the community, emceeing, hosting programs and events, moderating, conducting and facilitating seminars and speaking on a wide range of topics.

Your RESOURCE utilizes Press Releases, Social Media, Television and Radio as well as public speaking and personal representation as a publicist.