Alternity Healthcare, LLC, founded by Desmond Ebanks, MD, is an innovative medical practice specializing in age management medicine focused on programs that help patients avoid degenerative diseases, restore lost vitality and maintain optimal health.

Alternity Healthcare features services for men and women that combat declining hormones and aging symptoms including cutting-edge bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, recently endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. Alternity Healthcare also offers customized nutrition and exercise consultations with highly trained exercise physiologists and the state-of-the-art aerobic capacity test.

Bioidentical hormone replacement provides natural hormone supplements to counter hormone imbalances and changes our bodies start to endure at the early stages of andropause, or male menopause, and periomenopause and menopause. The hormone supplements are chemically indistinguishable replicas of the body’s own naturally occurring hormones. Bioidentical hormone replacement offers an alternative to the controversial synthetic hormones which have been linked to cancer.

Alternity Healthcare employs state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including the cutting-edge aerobic capacity test, which is used by professional athletes and NASA astronauts. It is the most accurate measure of aerobic fitness and can uncover subclinical cardiovascular and lung disease. Highly-trained, advanced degree exercise physiologists, nutritionists & registered dieticians educate patients about healthy eating the benefits of a healthy diet and the link between an unhealthy diet and a decline in natural hormones. The exercise physiologists also develop individualized exercise prescriptions, discuss the benefits of exercise, how it can increase life expectancy and lower health risks.

Alternity Healthcare offers customized health assessments and cardiovascular screening programs to determine overall physical health and risk for disease, specifically the comprehensive health assessment, executive health program and advanced cardiovascular screening.

The comprehensive health assessment program includes an in-depth medical and lifestyle history, clinical examination and laboratory, functional and diagnostic testing to determine an individual’s disease risk and treatment recommendations. Patients receive a nutrition consultation and partake in an exercise assessment, body composition and bone mineral density, and mental health and cognitive screening.
Optional tests are available including the ALCAT Test for food and environmental sensitivities, the Estronex Test, which tests for the risk of certain cancers, VAP Test, a comprehensive analysis of cholesterol sub-particles for patients at risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer biomarker screening, AssureImmune, adult stem cell collection and storage and HeartSmart IMT Plus, a state-of-the-art tool for detecting the earlier stages of cardiovascular disease.

Executive Health Program
The executive health program offers an expansion of the comprehensive health assessment in its personalized approach to identifying health problems and modifying lifestyle choices that can help avoid disease and delay the aging process. The program includes a head-to-toe clinical examination and a customized testing schedule. Standard tests include the Biophysical250, a test which measures more than 250 biomarkers of disease, VAP Test, Estronex Test, ALCAT Test, hormone levels test, HeartSmart IMT Plus, osteoporosis screening and body composition analysis, nutrition assessment, exercise, strength and fitness assessment and cognitive and psychological screening. Optional tests include a 3-D Virtual Colonoscopy, high definition chest or whole body CT scan, breast MRI (for women) and AssureImmune. A follow-up program includes ongoing monitoring to assure achievement of individual goals and follow-up blood work if necessary.

Advanced Cardiovascular Screening
Cardiovascular disease is one of the greatest health risks people face today. It remains the leading cause of death to both men and women. The advanced cardiovascular screening offers a risk assessment and direct disease process measurement program. The program includes the HeartSmartIMT plus test, a VAP Test, aspirin response test and heart healthy nutritional and exercise recommendations.

Alternity Healthcare does not provide primary care or ongoing medical management of chronic diseases. Its programs are designed to assist patients in recognizing and implementing lifestyle changes to reduce future risk of degenerative diseases. Alternity Healthcare does not accept insurance or Medicare.  Costs of Alternity Healthcare’s programs may be reimbursed with select insurance providers through tax advantaged plans designed to offset healthcare costs.