Experienced and Proven Strategic Marketers - Our Primary Expertise is Effective Marketing. Give us a marketing challenge and we’ll meet it. We deliver a strategic blend of creative and account planning that bests any marketing challenge and provides lasting results.

You could say we love data – and we love to match metrics with marketing strategies to make sure what we do together works to grow your business.

Our Core Values drive what we do for your business:

Smart Marketing
Fresh Thinking
Hard Work
Zeal for Learning
Belief in the Efficacy of Our Work

Zaiss & Company is a full service customer-based marketing and communications firm.

This means we stand ready to implement the marketing strategies needed and driven by your Customer POV℠ and business and marketing plans.

About the Customer POV℠

Customer POV℠, or Point of View, is an in-depth proprietary process we employ that helps us understand your prospects, and what they need to know, think and feel about your brand. This rich, custom POV is comprised of market research, competitive analysis and target market identification. It leads to a unique market position for your brand, and unearths marketing strategies for reaching and relating to the target market…marketing strategies that work.