Established by traders for traders. In 1980 Zaner Group pledged to provide its customers with superior brokerage, execution and clearing in futures. It has followed through on that promise. Since then, our business has grown - encompassing commodities, options, forex and cash metals - and so have our services. Top-notch research, trading ideas and impeccable 24/7 service are all available to you.

Clearing and trading strength and depth. Zaner maintains custom clearing and trading relationships with multi-billion-dollar partners. You benefit from:

Assurance of size and access to trading opportunities
Cutting-edge technology
Memberships on the world's major exchanges
Execution desks on the world's premier trading floors
Operations in more than 14 countries
Access across multiple forex dealing desks

Professionals who know the markets. On average, our staff, advisors, trade desk support and management, individually have more 14 years of industry experience. They provide you the wisdom of their experience.

Service with satisfaction in mind. Get benefits you want and need from Zaner.

Levels of service - Choose any combination of service you need…Whether you prefer to trade independently, with broker-assistance, by computer, or through a managed account

Rates - Deep discounts off our standard rates for high volume traders and reasonable, competitive rates for full-service.
Personalized attention - 24/7-available order specialists provide the help you need, from walking you through order placement to filling you in on breaking market news
Online data - Up-to-the-minute info on market activity; account statements; education library; exclusive research
High-quality fills - We believe our hand picked clearing and floor operations partners ensures that you get the quality fills you deserve.
Around-the-clock support - Order placement, quotes and account information virtually 24/7.

Regulatory oversight and firm participation. Zaner has been a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) since its inception in 1982 and is registered of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Matthew Zaner is on the list of approved NFA arbitrators and regularly lectures at Universities. In addition, Zaner is a member of the National Introducing Brokers Association, Illinois Chamber of Commerce and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.