Zapp Media has developed a great new smartphone app for iPhones and Androids. It's called SnapStuff.

SnapStuff takes customers straight to your online marketing material and e-commerce…simply by snapping printed images with their phones and tablets.

They just download a free app and use it to photograph certain printed images to go straight to a web page, offer, video, transaction, marketing message, social media account – whatever you choose.

There’s no ugly QR codes, no need to search and key-in domain names – just one snap and a printed image becomes an interactive digital experience…or online sale.

Whether you tell users where they’ll be taken, or just let them find out, it’s quick, simple, fun to use – and easy to control and monitor.

SnapStuff can even work on stuff that’s been around for years – to bring customers right up-to-speed…and get them buying more.

Why not optimize your online sales with SnapStuff, from Zapp Media?