Zaptitude is dedicated to helping companies maximize sales through customer referrals. Our patent-pending, cloud-based platform, Good Influence(TM), uses the social media influence of existing customers to drive new customers at scale. Good Influence offers companies a powerful set of referral marketing engagement tools including refer-a-friend, gamification, couponing, and more, to easily and cost-effectively launch, manage, and measure large-scale, custom referral campaigns across leading social channels. Our ground-breaking real-time optimization engine helps marketers determine the optimal mix of incentives that delivers the greatest results at the lowest possible cost.  Our innovative reporting technology tracks the ripple effect of each referral and its resulting sales so marketers can understand their most influential customers and the ROI of each campaign.

Founded in 2012 by a team of award-winning entrepreneurs and technologists, Zaptitude is proudly headquartered in Morristown, NJ. Current clients include major retail, CPG and non-profit brands that have seen measurable growth in brand awareness, brand engagement and revenue. Learn more at www.zaptitude.com.