Founded in 2013 by two former college roommates, Zaptones quickly expanded to include eight other members who had previously worked together through philanthropic efforts during annual Hands and Feet Mission Trips to Costa Rica. Together, the Zaptones team has created the only existing keyboard that allows people to express their emotions and communicate to friends, family, followers, and contacts using music. In doing so, we are not only improving the way people communicate, but we are helping the music industry grow into this new technological age!

Zaptones' mission is to build technology that allows you to easily share and communicate using music. We're best known for the Zaptones Keyboard, giving you the ability to text, post, comment and even tweet song quotes! Through our affiliated membership with iTunes Music Store, we offer people the ability to utilize music on a more personal level. Zaptones' pending patents cover key features and functionality that are at the forefront of the digital entertainment industry.