Zen Rabbit specializes in helping business people - including financial advisers, Realtors, commercial insurance brokers, medical professionals, association managers, and sales trainers - build stronger relationships with their clients, patients and members by saying thank you to loyal customers and for referrals. Incorporating customer appreciation into a marketing strategy is an important means of differentiation as well as a way to add a truly personal touch into increasingly impersonal electronic communications.

While many business people fall into the trap of thinking their customers already KNOW they appreciate their business, there’s a statistic that says up to 68% of a business’ clients will leave, not because the business has done anything horribly wrong, but simply because the clients didn't feel appreciated. So there’s a bit of a disconnect between the business owner and the customers there. Zen Rabbit ensures customer loyalty, which naturally results in increased profits.

Zen Rabbit works with clients across all industries, with a predominance in financial services, consulting, professional services (including doctors and attorneys), interior design, insurance, and not-for-profits.

Zen Rabbit believes having the ability to read and comprehend what you read is certainly something to be grateful for. A portion of company profits go to literacy organizations working to improve literacy rates around the world.