Zen Redhead Studio is a Zen-like spa inspired healing space created by Tamara Hutchins in Denver, Colorado. Created by Tamara, a beauty-conscious practitioner of Chinese medicine, in 2007, Zen Redhead Skincare is lovingly hand-crafted, luxuriously replenishing and absolutely a pure spa experience.

On one side of the studio is her facial rejuvenation acupuncture clinic where she sees individual patients for the replenishment and nurturing of not only their complexions, but for their overall health.

On the other side of the studio, Tamara hand crafts pure, organic Zen Redhead Skincare and formulations for those living near and far. A therapeutic apothecary or sorts - aromas of ylang ylang and neroli, rose and vetiver tantalize the olfactory senses and set one's mind at ease.