We design Zero Energy use homes & commercial structures, we manufacture the asymmetrical ICF components and then we site build the project for our clients.
Our clients  projects are stronger, sturdier,  and more energy efficient than comparable homes built utilizing conventional wood stud walls or cinder block or Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction methods.  
Our Zero Energy Lifestyle product is comprised of three elements:
1. Zero Energy home utilizing a natural geothermal & solar radiant energy management system.
Note: 60% of a utility bill is the cost of energy to heat and cool a conventional structure. Our advanced construction system and geo/solar energy management eliminate 60%.
2. Solar voltaic panels for the occupants electricity requirements and uses to live in the home.
Note: 40% of the utility bill for a conventional home can be lowered to 20% by integration of smart choices such as LED Lights, solar hot water heating, efficient  appliances, etc.
3. We advocate the inclusion of at least one all-electric plug-in auto/truck in the mix of vehicles for the household. Installing a solar panel array of a size usually designed for a conventional home will enable recharging the advanced battery pack  from credits earned during full SUN and used overnight while the family sleeps. Thus you leave home every day with a full “tank” of solar fuel for Free ! !
We have several projects we have built for clients since 2003. We have projects in work and projects pending. Photos and 3D Virtual Realitly illustrated "tours" are available on line at: www.ZeroEnergyLifestyle.blogspot.com You can also watch our television interviews there as well.
Take a moment to calculate how much your family would save each month living in a Zero Energy Lifestyle home with virtually no utility bill, about 50% less water bill and not buying gasoline for 75% to 90% of your family driving. How much would that save your family in a year? How much pride would you have knowing that your more comfortable Lifestyle was responsible for tens of thousands of tons of CO2 and other pollutants NOT being released into the atmosphere? Please call now for more info; 480-516-6487