Zero Surge is a USA manufacturer of series mode failure-free surge protection products for computers, TVs, gaming consoles, audio equipment, copiers, security systems, CPAP and medical equipment, laboratories, Point of Sale systems, digital menu boards, teleconferencing, CNC machinery, and countless other sensitive electronics.

Spectrum WVR - Wide Voltage Range Technology
Typical surge suppressors use fixed clamping level components such as Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) that do not even begin to function until their clamping level is exceeded, allowing damaging energy through until that, often too high, level is reached. Using a patented dynamic clamp surge inversion system, Zero Surge's Spectrum WVR effectively senses and suppresses surges on your 120V power line even when the power is low at 85 Volts or high at 175 Volts and anywhere in between. This is especially beneficial when the voltage is variable and unpredictable, during brownout and blackout conditions, and when standby generators are in use.

Certified for Performance and Endurance
Zero Surge products protect connected equipment repeatedly from even the largest surges without degradation or failure. Under UL's optional Adjunct Classification Program, Zero Surge's core technology has been certified for performance and endurance, in addition to safety. It was subjected to 1,000 worst case surges of 6,000 Volts/3,000 Amps in 30 second intervals without any resulting degradation or failure. According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), up to 100 worst case surges can occur each year in active areas. This equates to 10 years of worst case surges, but Zero Surge's 25+ year in-service history proves that Zero Surge products will serve far beyond a 10 year life. There have been no reports of surge failures, no fires, and no recalls since opening Zero Surge in 1989.

EMI/RFI Filtering
Zero Surge's series mode technology also conditions the power line by removing EMI and RFI disturbances. EMI and RFI can disrupt data signals and cause electronic equipment to malfunction. These disturbances can also degrade the electronic components in the equipment, shortening the life expectancy. The superior power conditioning and high reliability provided by Zero Surge's series mode with Spectrum WVR technology makes it the preferred choice in the A/V and IT industry.

No Failure Lights or Confusing Joule Ratings
Zero Surge's series mode filter technology does not contain sacrificial components, like metal oxide varistors (MOVs) that degrade with use so no failure lights or failure indicators that you have to monitor are required. For the same reason, our products do not have a Joule rating which is a number that indicates how long an MOV will last before failing. Our products are certified by UL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory, to 1,000 worst case surges without degradation or failure...a real number you can count on.

Made in the USA with Three Levels of Testing and Backed by an Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty
Every Zero Surge product is made in Frenchtown, New Jersey, and goes through three levels of Quality Control testing before being packaged for sale. The first level is the component level, the second level is the printed circuit board level, and the third level is final assembly where, in addition to a visual/mechanical inspection, the unit must pass a 10 point computerized safety and performance test.