We inform the public about the tens of thousands of toxins we are all exposed to daily in our environment and about the physical effects they have on our bodies. Our goal is to advise on how to best combat these impurities and guide people to make intelligent decisions that will lead to a healthier, longer life.

Chemicals are hurting our environment, wildlife, our children and us. We have polluted our air, water, soil, food, homes, schools and workplaces. Every day in the course of our normal activities, we are exposed to chemicals in everything from cosmetics to herbicides, plastic water bottles to lead paint. These chemicals
end up in our bodies.

According to the National Institutes of Health, heart disease is the number one killer of Americans with one million deaths each year, Cancer is number two. It is estimated that within the next five years, one out of two Americans will eventually succumb to heart disease, and one out of three to cancer. Today one out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. More than 85% of these cases are not genetically linked, they are a result of the environment we live in.

Our autoimmune system is one of the most important weapons in the human body for staving off disease and bacterial infections. In her book “The Autoimmune Epidemic”, Donna Jackson Nakazawa, nationally acclaimed researcher states, “...the evidence is overwhelming...over the last 40 years, something is altering our body in the way that our immune system works.”

Our immune system is being tricked by the levels of toxicity in the body. When a foreign invader enters the body, the immune system tries to determine if it is a friend or foe. Its first job, if it cannot tell, is to try and kill it. However, the human body is not set up to combat Scotchgard, Teflon, benzene, styrene, and all the other substances we are now exposed to.

Chemicals are a major cause of today’s health challenges. We now have epidemics of ADHD, cancer, chronic fatigue, headaches, obesity, early puberty, sterility and brain defects to name only a few.

Chemicals and toxins accumulate over time, and cause the liver and kidneys to become over¬worked and weak. To protect itself the body creates and embeds these impurities in body-fat, causing cells and organs to become sluggish and inefficient. Toxins also attack and destroy cells and gene structures. Organs and body systems under a toxic load lose their ability to metabolize and process fat effectively. Research has shown that stress causes the adrenals to release excess cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers over-indulgence and contributes to hormone imbalances.

Nutritional cleansing is the answer. A nutritionally rich diet nourishes and assists the body in cleansing toxic substances, so the body will gain strength and vitality.

Zest-4-Health highly recommends the best nutritional cleansing and replenishing solutions available. Systems that are designed to flood your body with massive amounts of nutrition and specific cleans¬ing herbs so that your body is able to begin cleansing itself naturally. There are no artificial stimulants or appetite suppressants in this nutritional cleansing technology. The program works by following a specific regimen that allows the body to cleanse on its own. This is a proven system of over ten years with thousands of documented results.