Ziggy is our brother, a caring uncle to our three children, a successful entrepreneur, the inspiration for the brand Ziggy’s Kielbasa House; a Polish/American Delicatessen and Kielbasa Factory.

Ziggy’s Kielbasa House was born in 2018, Leander, TX, as a creative outlet for our mixed Polish/American family. The idea for our eatery started as a fun hobby in our home kitchen, and this year we decided to take the plunge and open up as full fledged deli to share our flavors with the rest of Central Texas, and beyond.

Founders Susie and Andy Szymczyk shine in any cooking space and are extremely passionate about scratch cooking, a rapidly growing repertoire of international cuisines. Residing in NYC, PA, and finally having made the move to Austin, TX, we have acquired a taste for different flavors and love tasting new cuisine any chance we get. One personality that we truly miss is our local deli owner from Brooklyn, NY; Steve. Steve’s Meat Market was a true taste of Poland.

Our goal is to bring some of those same authentic flavors back here to the Austin area. We haven’t been traditionally schooled in the culinary arts, nor do we hold any high and mighty awards (yet), however we are no strangers to the kitchen, and have great recipes from our grandparents days of homemade goodness fused together with our modern American flair.  Susie & Andy