FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 10, 2016

Mitesh J. Patel, MBA                        

Put the Power of Shipping in Your Hands

ATLANTA, GA: Wednesday, February 10, 2016 marks the day when the consumer will be able to compare prices from multiple carriers and ship their packages from the convenience of their own home or business, at prices 15% - 40% lower than the retail shipping stores. Sending a package or returning a purchase has always been a chore, but ZipShipit is taking the hassle out of shipping by giving the consumer the power to price a package, print a label, and ship a parcel right from their home or business.

The parcel logistics industry has not changed in decades.  Till now, individuals needed to get their package ready, drive down to the shipping store or post office, stand in line, and pay retail prices when shipping their parcel.  This unpleasant experience has grown to an industry which commands in excess of $100 billion in annual revenue.  ZipShipit is bringing change to an industry which has been stagnant for over a century. UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, and other regional carriers have been competing with each other independently but never on the same playing field.  Though not all the carriers are ready to compete, ZipShipit puts the preferred shipping carriers on the same page so consumers can compare shipping costs just like Expedia or Travelocity do for airline prices and eSurance does for insurance.

The ZipShipit mission is to make shipping simpler, convenient, and cost effective for consumers and businesses alike.  To make this happen, we spent months negotiating with top logistics carriers to bring rates that are the lowest in the consumer and small business market.  With the help of Red Scope Studios we have designed and developed a website that makes the process of shipping a package as simple and intuitive as possible, while giving the knowledge and insight on how to pack and ship a parcel efficiently and effectively.

At www.ZipShipit.com all you have to do is enter the pertinent package information including weight, dimensions, and destination information.  After that we show a list with all the preferred carriers and their service options so you can make an informed decision about shipping your package.  Whether you’re looking for the “slow-boat” or need to send something next day across the nation, ZipShipit gives you the options to select.

Once you’ve created the label and the package is ready to ship, you can drop it off at the local shipping store or post office, or schedule a pickup from the carrier within a window of time.  If that’s not convenient enough, by summer of 2016, starting with Atlanta, we will be rolling out the ability to schedule on-demand “uber-like” pickup within minutes and even schedule same day in-town deliveries for less than a next day delivery with the big carriers.  After Atlanta we will roll out to major cities across the nation hitting all 50 states within a year.

If the discounts aren’t already enough, if you ship regularly, then our Zipoints program gives you the ability to accumulate points to get discounts off future shipping.  Not only do you get points for each dollar you spend with ZipShipit, but for every tweet, post, referral, or mention you make after shipping a package will earn you additional Zipoints.  Also, to celebrate our launch and the long-distance Valentine’s Day relationships, we’re giving away $10 in shipping credit to anyone who signs up for an account between now and February 29, 2016.

Simplicity, convenience, and savings makes ZipShipit the best choice in shipping.

Put the power of shipping back in your hands…with ZipShipit

About ZipShipit:
ZipShipit Inc. based in Atlanta, GA provides cost effective and convenient shipping solutions for consumers and small businesses.  ZipShipit services all 50 states and allows shipping worldwide via UPS and USPS currently, with other carriers to come

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