From a young age, I have been passionate about creating something different. From projects in school to various social engagements, it has been my goal to do just as my brand says - reinvent ordinary. Chasing this passion eventually led me to Zippa T - my chance to create my very own work of art through fashion and design. Zippa T, for me, is not just any old shirt. It is a dream come to life.

The product was first designed in the Spring of 2011. Upon an overwhelmingly postive response from my surrounding community, I decided to move forward with perfecting my design. It took a year of meticulous work, but that's the biggest part of it - I wanted my customers, namely YOU, to hold something in their hands that I could truly be proud of... the BEST I could possibly produce.

So that is what you have before you. It has been a roller coaster of a ride saying NO to low quality and YES to local producers. Relinquishing these things simply has never been an option for me, because this project is so much more than a shirt with a zipper. It has been my work of art - created to inspire and uplift others to also be and do something different with their lives from the moment they get dressed in the morning.

This journey hasn't come without risk. After chasing the corporate structure for 7 months following graduation, I decided to go full-time with Zippa T in order to truly make my dream a reality. And now, Spring of 2013, you have in front of you that passion, come to fruition. It is my hope that this design will allow you to be YOU - a one-of-a-kind individual with a unique mark to leave on the world around you.