Dr. Lillian Ostojich’s commitment to sustainability evolved the building and construction of the Nation's first Personalized Wellness Center created in Chicago - Zoetica.

Zoetica was founded on the core principals of trust and reliability with the mission to provide the environment, tools, education and support necessary to achieve and maintain radiant health and well being, not only for her clients, but for the general public and, ultimately, the planet as well, by becoming a model for sustainable and healthy living. This began with the facility itself. Dr. Lilly feels very strongly that it is not enough to offer the purest organic products and frontier services to clients if the building conditions and the surroundings where they are provided are impure and harmful to the environment and living organisms.

Consistent with this mission, Zoetica is a
USGBC/LEED Project. A great deal of time, effort, research and collaboration with others will soon lead Zoetica to be awarded LEED Certification - Gold or Platinum (according to projections by an independent third party 2Point Perspective, whose Principals are LEED Accredited Professionals.)

Coupled with this great achievement, Zoetica discovered that it will be the first USDA Certified Organic wellness and health facility in the country. All of Zoetica’s textiles, skin and hygiene products, produce and food are USDA/Certified Organic. Zoetica’s exclusive skin care line - “Zoetica One”, formulated with the cooperation of a seasoned cosmeceuticals formulator, innovator and manufacturer - Karen Cieser, principal and founder of Trillium Herbal Co. Inc. - - has already achieved USDA/Certified Organic status. The confirmation of purity is well documented in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Coalition testings results and database.