Our applications have been tested in genuine environments and have continually been improved to the level demanded by our customers. Attractel offers the following solutions:

Our SIP and IAX / IAX2 softphone is suitable for both home and office, being a great combination of basic and enhanced features, such as Conference, Caller ID, Call forwarding, Call transferring, Call recording, Voice mail, and much, much more in a neatly packed light, user-friendly application.

• Faxterisk
Our FoIP (Fax over IP) solution is an exclusive breakthrough application, offering the ultimate answer to the worldwide demand of faxing over the Internet. While all up to date solutions are dubiously workable and rather unstable, our T.38-based solution Faxterisk offers transmitting and receiving of normal faxes over PSTN, as well as IAF (Internet Aware Fax) origination and termination. Faxterisk also provides T.38 FoIP gatewaying capabilities, making it the supreme FoIP solution based on the Asterisk platform.

Be sure to check out our new flexible licensing conditions, under which Attractel's customers may purchase Faxterisk at very attractive prices . As Internet telephony applications maintain the lowest prices in the whole Communications sector across the globe, expand your scope of opportunities and functionalities for your business. Buy Faxterisk .

• Predilux
Our multi-mode automated dialer with predictive functionalities is the perfect solution for call centers. Already successfully deployed in call centers, Predilux offers a fully customizable web interface with capabilities to import existing DBs and export DBs for reports, filtering of calling procedures and lots of other features, all in flexible manner that will make maximum use of your call center and thusly increase your revenues.

• Rate Engine
Our Rate Engine is a dependable real-time rate-calculating solution for ITSPs to manage and control all calls of their customers. The user-friendly interface allows ITSP staff to manage every individual customer/account and calculate all calls (outbound or inbound if necessary). All information is simply displayed in your web-browser, enabling providers, resellers and end-users to keep track of calls.

• Service Line Platform
Our SLP is a versatile tool enabling you to easily manage your value-added services via inbound phone calls. These services are basically hotlines of any kind: adult lines, horoscopes, weather forecasts/reports, jokes, psychic hotlines, etc. Our user-friendly web-interface platform provides easy managing of service numbers, with call recording, real time statistics and much more to boost your telephone services.

• Soft modems
We offer a whole range of software modems , so you can choose the best for your needs. While our softmodems go hand in hand with our Faxterisk solution, you can choose to use them separately. They all are fully compliant with the V.21, V.27ter, V.29 and V.17 ITU-T recommendations.