Asia Pacific Investment House (APIH) is a leading Venture Capital company, registered in the off-shore regime of the British Virgin Islands, with its Operating Head Quarters in the financial district of Singapore.  APIH, has a substantial and diverse client base and provides a wide range of financial services tailored to its clients’ unique needs.  It specializes and focuses primarily in Project Funding.

APIH invests in and originates loans to provide Venture Capital financing to clients, be it raising capital for new ventures or to meet the growth objectives of an expanding business.  Typically these investments and loans are longer-term in nature.  Having aligned itself with some of the most prestigious financial institutions,  APIH has forged strategic alliances with major banks, institutions and hedge funds and invests both directly and indirectly through feeder funds.

APIH’s core business revolves around, though is not limited to; Renewable Energy, Construction, Tourism and Leisure, Airlines, Infrastructure Development and Manufacturing.