Call Logic is proud to offer its proven service. NetCall provides domestic and international long distance service for only $19.95 per month. Some restrictions apply.

Guests, Homeowners, and Property Managers have been dealing with these telephone issues:

High calling costs
      - Operator assisted or collect calls
     - Cellular roaming charges
     - Expensive credit card calls

High maintenance
      -  Special phones
      -  Ordering services
      -  Running out of minutes – recharging calling cards
     -  Weak or no cellular signals in non-metro areas
High billing frustrations
      -  Disputed charges
      -  Issuing credits
This has resulted in guests not receiving a valuable service and property managers not realizing their maximum revenue potential.

CALL LOGIC’s unique VoIP application in conjunction with Instant Software’s Channel Partner program and the ability to use ISILink…

                        …with NetCall!

* NetCall provides long distance telephone service via a technology called Voice over   Internet protocol (VoIP).
* VoIP is a method of sending voice signals over the Internet instead of traditional telephone lines.
* Today, a large percentage of telephone calls by AT&T, Sprint and others are actually employing VoIP technology.
* Businesses, large and small, are adopting VoIP telephone service at an increasingly rapid rate.
* VoIP allows for exceptional quality, low cost and a highly featured long distance service.

CLI has the best dollar value VoIP service in any market and the only known VoIP service in the rental home market.

NetCall is CLI’s customized telephone service for the vacation rental home market.
NetCall is built on a powerful, yet flexible, platform which provides:

* Long Distance Calling
* Unlimited domestic and Canadian LD calling*
* Two hours per week for international dialing to 40+ countries*

And, it is incredibly simple to use and administer!

*Acceptable use policy and international list located at: http//www.calllogic.net