Your medical history is critical to a timely, accurate and possibly life saving medical treatment. MEDAlertâ„¢ makes your Personal Emergency medical information readily available using today's technology storing your information on a compact digital memory device.  MEDAlertâ„¢ gives emergency service professionals or police officers with a laptop computer instant access to all your emergency information. Emergency contacts, existing conditions, allergies, medications and doctors are instantly available.
Perfect for Children, Seniors, Elderly, Travel and disaster preparedness. How will emergency medical personnel know your allergies, medications, doctors and emergency contact information? Especially if you are unconscious or hospitalized. Medical id bracelets and alert jewelry only have room for a word or phone number. In an emergency, a bracelet will likely not have enough information to save your life.

The bright red device with the MEDAlertâ„¢ logo will alert medical personnel to your special needs and existing medical conditions.  Just keep your MEDAlertâ„¢ tag attached to your key chain, purse or lanyard to wear around your neck.