AP Government funds 770 CR to Upgrade Technical skills for IT students

Punjagutta, Hyderabad, August 23, 2012  

Industries are increasingly finding it difficult in getting professional students with the required technical skills. Moreover, quick adaption to the industry needs is the need of the hour. In this issue, Manish Sabarwal, chairman of the Board of Apprenticeship Training said, "The Board would train two lacs candidates from the current 28,000, and will try to create greater synergy between apprentices and corporates." Statistical reports say, currently the technical education department is imparting industry driven professional training to 28,000 students and it is estimated to touch 2, 00,000 by the end of next two years. A seminar titled Apprenticeship Training Scheme was organized by the Board of Apprenticeship Training and Team Lease Service Private Limited in which, Mr Jian said, "Lack of skill development and apprenticeship is the main reason for most of the professionals not securing suitable jobs.”

Looking at the difficulties faced by the fresh graduates in interviews at big IT companies, Mr Mohammed Abdul Ghani, president of Aads Education, opened a training institute to train young professionals to meet the Industry challenges effectively. With a view to educate different from others, students at Aads Education along with theoretical backup, they do seek a real-time project exposure. Mr Abdul Ghani, the  president said, "Our ultimate goal is to get students to find a place in good organization, which does become a stepping stone to their vast expansion of IT services." The faculty at the Aads Education makes timely assessment of the student's performance and prepares for the best ever job in the IT markets.